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Chandler, Arizona, with a population of 260,828 in 2015, is becoming one of the fastest growing cities in the country. With 330 days of sun year-round, it is no wonder people are deciding to call the city of Chandler their home. Just a 20-minute drive from Phoenix, Chandler is the ideal place to live and commute to work. In addition, Chandler is home to excellent public-school education, shopping centers, dining, Arizona resorts, and golf. Chandler is an exciting city moving forward into the future.

Things to Do

Founded in 1912, Chandler is a community that keeps on growing. Chandler is proud of its diverse community, and it shows in the many activities hosted around town. The vibrant downtown Chandler is full of unique shops, one-of-a-kind restaurants and a brewery.

You will also find the Arizona winery downtown. You will never be wanting for entertainment in Chandler. There is something for every taste, from going out on a weekend night to an lazy Sunday stroll through this historic downtown center. And if you are still in the mood for shopping, the Chandler Fashion Center is has all the popular retail chains.

Throughout the spring and fall months, the city of Chandler is host to many cultural events such as an annual art walk and the annual Ostrich festival. The city’s performing arts center is also close by. Chandler loves art and it shows through it public art program. Since 1983, Chandler has been dedicated to providing art in public spaces for residents and visitors to enjoy.

Outdoor Recreation

With warm weather year-round, there will be plenty of opportunity for outdoor activities. Families love going to any of the number of parks located in Chandler. You can find a bike trail at the Espee Park, take your four-legged friend to the dog park, or let your teenager hangout at the skate park.

There is something for everyone. And if you or a family member is an avid golfer, you are in luck. With five gold courses to choose from, Chandler is heaven for any golfer. Try out the 100-acre San Marcos resort, the first golf course created in Chandler back in 1913.

People travel from all over to play golf in Chandler, and you can have this beauty and recreation in your own backyard.


Families will love living in Chandler not only for its cultural experience and outdoor activities, Chandler also has several public-school districts. There are also several charter schools and higher education institutions close by.
In addition, you have several faith-based schools in Chandler. And when school is out, children will never be bored in Chandler. Several summer camps are offered, which is especially helpful for working parents. And when the weather heats up, check out some of the swimming pools. Many of the aquatic centers have special splash areas for young children.

Work or play, Chandler is a growing city full of life. If you are looking to settle down in a city that is rich in culture, offers fantastic dining and shopping, year-round outdoor activities, and supportive schools, then Chandler may just be your new home.

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