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Lock boxes for safety Saving Lives!
SEVRAR Donates 51 Lockboxes to the Town of Gilbert

Recently, SEVRAR’s Community Outreach Committee had the pleasure of donating 51 combination
lockboxes to the Town of Gilbert to support its Lockbox Program. The program is geared toward assisting Fire and Emergency personnel to enter a home during emergency situations without resorting
to forced entry.
“SEVRAR members serve a very diverse and expansive territory within multiple communities. Therefore,
finding ways to give back to those neighborhoods has always been important to our mission,” said Derek
Anglin, SEVRAR President. “The Lockbox Program is a simple, yet meaningful opportunity for SEVRAR
members to support others and help protect their property.”
Kim Yonda, the Volunteer Coordinator for the Town of Gilbert, said the Lockbox Program provides
roughly 150 lockboxes to the Gilbert community on an annual basis.
“The investment that they’re making is helping to save someone’s life,” she said.
The demographic of individuals who need support through the Lockbox Program is primarily the
senior/disabled community. Gilbert residents can request a lockbox through a simple application
process, and a volunteer visits the home to cover a few training tips.
Volunteers remain in contact with members who receive a lockbox to make sure that they are still living
at the residence, all the contact information is valid, and if they still need the lockbox.
“Without lockbox donations, and funds to purchase them, the program wouldn’t exist for the
community. SEVRAR has created this program for each city, and we help maintain the program so that
more people can take advantage of it,” said Summer Breen, Community Outreach Chair. “To spread
awareness, we have done lockbox drives, spoke at various SEVRAR classes, and spoke with brokers
about how they can help continue this program within our community.”
There is still a dire need for more lockbox donations. Currently, SEVRAR’s Community Outreach
Committee provides combination lockboxes to East Valley municipalities such as Gilbert, Tempe, and
Chandler. If you are interested in donating a used lockbox, please feel free to contact Melissa Zwick at

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