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Sept. 23, 2023

Want a Bigger House? Fake the space!

Want a Bigger House? 7 Clever Ways Designers Fake More Space

You can totally make a small room feel bigger (without tearing down walls).



Even if you don’t technically live in a tiny home, sometimes it can feel that way. It just never feels like there’s enough space for the amount of stuff we tend to acquire over time, or maybe you genuinely don’t have enough real estate to work with! When the designers of this year’s Real Simple Home took over the New York City apartment, they were definitely limited by the square footage, so they put on their (very trendy) thinking caps and came up with some pretty ingenious ideas to maximize and optimize these tight quarters. Below, you’ll find a broad range of easy-to-copy ideas for how to make a small room feel bigger (no demo required).

Use an Oval Table

real simple home 2023 dining room


A petite dining nook flows best when a round or oval table anchors the space. In this gorgeous seating area designed by Kim and Scott Vargo of Yellow Brick Home, the design duo opted for a curved table to help with flow. (Have you ever banged into a table corner when you’re trying to slide into a booth? Not fun!) Additionally, the chunky base really grounds things; it’s a counter-intuitive approach since a traditional table might seem like a better idea to open up the space. “The base provides some visual heft that wouldn’t be possible with a four-legged table,” the couple says. And see that beautiful rust-colored sofa peeking out from behind the table? Kim and Scott explained this design choice, saying it “allowed the table to be oriented lengthwise and still offer comfortable seating for at least six people.”

Opt for Armless Chairs 

Dining Room


Another smart tip we couldn’t skip from this eating area? Armless chairs let you squeeze in more people around a table! Plus, Kim and Scott say, “Armless chairs allow the seats to tuck more completely under the table when not in use. This offers a more open feel and a little more flexibility with placement as well.” 

Install Sconces to Fill Vertical Space

real simple home 2023 primary bedroom


Sconces are a brilliant strategy if you’re unwilling to sacrifice even an inch of floor space or work surface to lighting. David Quarles IV cleverly chose to hang sconces over nightstands in the primary bedroom he designed, which completely frees up the surfaces of the nightstands so they can hold more evening essentials. David imagined a client “coming home from a long day of work to relax in their oasis of a bedroom. As part of their wind-down routine, they read and enjoy a beverage right before sleeping, and once they're finished, they have more than enough space to place their accouterments without cluttering their nightstands.” He opted for this particular globe sconce because according to him, “it casts such a beautiful glow in any space. What better way to continue the romantic flutter of the city lights below than with ambient lighting that reflects that same warmth.” (Psst, you might have noticed this done in the aforementioned dining nook too! A sleek black swing arm sconce hangs over the table.)

Bring Shelves up to the Ceiling 

real simple home 2023 kitchen


If you have the wall space, why not install shelves that go all the way up to the ceiling? In this kitchen styled by the Vargos of Yellow Brick Home, you can see how slim ledges are wedged between the oven hood and wood cabinet to make use of the awkward backsplash space. Instead of just one or two shelves, they continue high up, offering even more storage. Place things you won’t need to reach for as often at the tippy top. 

Hang Wall Hooks 

real simple home 2023 bedroom


Megan Hopp really thought hard about potential visitors in this guest bedroom she designed. To prevent the room from feeling too full with the canopy bed and dresser, she took advantage of the limited wall space and drilled in some hooks. Now company can hang bags, jackets, robes, etc., without cluttering the floor or other surfaces.

Place a Freestanding Shelf on a Work Surface

real simple home 2023 outdoor patio


What if you can’t drill into a wall, though? This is precisely the conundrum Linda Hayslett found herself in when she designed the roof deck. The building exterior could not be altered in any way, so she devised another plan for accessible storage in the outdoor space. She asked Architectural Grille, a metalwork manufacturer, to design custom, free-standing aluminum shelves she could place over the cookspace. Because they’re powder-coated, they can withstand the elements. The pretty, spotted panels on the ends are more than just an aesthetic choice—Linda requested these to add more weight to the structure to prevent tipping during blustery days.

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June 27, 2023

Unveiling the Latest Design Features in Homes: Greater Phoenix Area Edition 2023

Welcome to our blog, where we explore the most captivating design features found in homes across the Greater Phoenix Area. Whether you're a homeowner, a design enthusiast, or someone looking for inspiration, this article will showcase the hottest trends in interior and exterior design that have taken the region by storm in 2023. From modern marvels to sustainable solutions, let's dive into the latest design features that are redefining homes in the Phoenix metropolitan area.


1. Open Concept Floor Plans:

Open-concept floor plans continue to dominate the housing market in the Greater Phoenix Area. Walls are being torn down to create seamless transitions between living, dining, and kitchen spaces. Large, airy layouts enhance natural light and promote a sense of spaciousness, making these homes perfect for entertaining and family gatherings.



2. Natural and Earthy Tones:

Incorporating nature-inspired hues has become a prevailing trend in interior design. Homeowners in the Phoenix area are opting for warm earthy tones such as sandy beige, soft greens, and warm grays. These colors create a soothing and harmonious atmosphere, perfectly complementing the desert landscape outside.



3. Desert Landscaping:

Embracing the natural beauty of the desert, homeowners are shifting towards low-maintenance and sustainable landscaping solutions. Desert plants, such as succulents, cacti, and native shrubs, are being carefully integrated into outdoor spaces, reducing water consumption and providing a picturesque backdrop to homes in the Greater Phoenix Area.



4. Indoor-Outdoor Living:

Given the region's favorable climate, the concept of indoor-outdoor living has become a hallmark of design in the Phoenix area. Expansive glass doors and sliding walls seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor spaces. Outdoor kitchens, lounge areas, and swimming pools create inviting environments that allow residents to enjoy the beautiful Arizona weather year-round.



5. Smart Home Technology:

Home automation has made its mark in Phoenix homes, offering residents unparalleled convenience and control. From smart thermostats and lighting systems to voice-activated assistants and security features, homeowners in the Greater Phoenix Area are embracing the integration of technology to enhance their daily lives and increase energy efficiency.


6. Statement Lighting Fixtures:

Lighting has evolved beyond mere functionality to become a central element of interior design. In the Phoenix area, homeowners are incorporating eye-catching lighting fixtures as statement pieces. From grand chandeliers in entryways to modern pendant lights above kitchen islands, unique and artistic lighting choices are adding character and visual appeal to homes.



7. Multi-Functional Spaces:

With the rising popularity of remote work and the need for versatility, multi-functional spaces have become a key design feature. Home offices that seamlessly blend into living areas, flexible guest rooms doubling as playrooms or exercise spaces, and creative storage solutions ensure that homes in the Greater Phoenix Area cater to various needs and lifestyles.


The Greater Phoenix Area is experiencing a renaissance in home design, with homeowners embracing modern, sustainable, and functional elements to enhance their living spaces. From open-concept floor plans to natural tones and desert landscaping, these design features effortlessly blend indoor and outdoor living, creating harmonious environments that embody the spirit of the region. With advancements in technology and a focus on versatility, Phoenix homes are embracing the future while paying homage to the beauty of the desert.


If you're looking to explore and buy homes featuring the latest design trends, feel free to reach out to me. I'm here to provide expert assistance in your search and purchase, ensuring you find the perfect home with exceptional real estate service. Contact me now to discover your dream home with the best design features in the market!

June 27, 2023

Exploring the Hottest Housing Trends in Arizona's Greater Phoenix Area


The Arizona real estate market, particularly in the Greater Phoenix area, is experiencing rapid growth and evolving trends. Whether you're a prospective homeowner, investor, or simply curious about the current housing landscape, this blog will delve into the four latest housing trends that are shaping the Arizona market today.


1. Rise of Affordable Housing Initiatives:

Arizona's Greater Phoenix area is witnessing an increased focus on affordable housing initiatives. With the aim of providing housing options for a diverse range of income levels, developers and local authorities are collaborating to create more affordable homes. This trend addresses the growing demand for reasonably priced housing in the region, making it more accessible to first-time buyers and individuals with moderate incomes.


2. Sustainable and Energy-Efficient Homes:

As the world continues to embrace sustainability and environmental consciousness, the demand for energy-efficient homes in Arizona has surged. The Greater Phoenix area is at the forefront of this trend, with builders incorporating sustainable features such as solar panels, energy-efficient appliances, and water-conserving fixtures into new construction projects. These eco-friendly homes not only contribute to a greener future but also offer long-term cost savings for homeowners through reduced utility bills.


3. Emphasis on Community Amenities:

In recent years, there has been a shift towards master-planned communities that prioritize access to amenities and foster a strong sense of community. The Greater Phoenix area boasts several such developments that cater to diverse lifestyles. These communities often feature amenities such as parks, walking trails, fitness centers, community pools, and even retail spaces. This trend reflects the desire for a well-rounded lifestyle and convenience within residential neighborhoods.


4. Remote Work and Home Offices:

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of remote work, leading to a significant change in the requirements of homebuyers. With the flexibility to work from anywhere, individuals are seeking homes that accommodate dedicated office spaces. The Greater Phoenix area has witnessed a surge in demand for properties with home offices or flexible spaces that can be converted into work areas. As remote work becomes the norm for many industries, this trend is expected to continue shaping the housing market.



The housing trends in Arizona's Greater Phoenix area are reflective of the changing needs and preferences of homebuyers and investors. From an emphasis on affordability and sustainability to the rise of master-planned communities and the integration of remote workspaces, the real estate market is evolving to cater to a variety of demands. Whether you're looking to buy a home or simply interested in the latest developments, staying informed about these trends will help you navigate the vibrant Arizona housing market with confidence.


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July 31, 2017

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